Your ACTION needed NOW! Advance HB 610

Fellow NHAAMA members,

I wanted to send out a quick email updating everyone on where things stand with regards to HB 610.  On Feb 5, Tuesday morning the bill will come up for discussion before a Subcommittee Work Group.  This is actually a very good sign — it means that the Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee (the one responsible for taking up the bill), thought it worth assigning to the Subcommittee for fine tuning.  Later that day, it will come up for the Executive Committee.

I spoke with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Subcommittee on Feb 3, and both were very helpful and gave me a good sense as to some of their concerns and questions are.  The Chair of the committee, James Mackay (who happens to currently be having a very good experience with acupuncture), asked if I would be willing to be at the session so that they can ask me some questions.  I told him that I would be willing to do so.

The most impactful thing we can likely do at this point is reach out, via both phone and email, to the members of the Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs committee, to let them know that we are in support of the bill.  Its particularly impactful if the member called/emailed represents the area where you either live or have your business.  We need to indicate to them that we are strongly in support of the bill, and offer our expertise in answering any questions that they may have.  

They seem to have concerns over acupuncture’s efficacy–according to Rep. Mackay, the only party who spoke negatively against acupuncture was the Medical Society who claimed that it was “all a big hoax”.  I plan to be able to speak to its efficacy and plan to quote several large studies.  The Subcommittee is also particularly concerned with anything that can help people dealing with opiate addiction.  I plan to discuss acupuncture’s ability to help these folks in 2 ways:  1. Through its ability to effectively treat pain conditions, mitigating the need for opiate prescriptions, and 2. its demonstrated ability to help those people address their addiction directly (helping patients who wish to discontinue opiates).  

Based on my conversations with my State Rep, and the other Committee Members, I came away with the feeling that we may be able to have a real impact NOWI suggest that all of us take some time to both write an email, and call the rep from the committee who is closest to either our home or our business.  If you don’t have a rep from your area on the committee, please pick someone else from the committee.  I have pasted the committee member contact information below.

I will be going to the Subcommittee session, and will report back as to what transpires.  I hope that everyone can take a few minutes today to help advance this bill which has the potential to significantly increase acupuncture’s reach in our communities.

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-Adam Learner, L. Ac.President, NHAAMA

Health, Human Services, and Elderly Services Committee:

James Mackay
139 North State Street 
Concord, NH  03301-6431

Kendall Snow
200 Alliance Way #302 
Manchester, NH  03102-8403

Mary Freitas
279 Candia Road 
Manchester, NH  03109-4215

Jerry Knirk
30 Clancy Road 
Freedom, NH  03836-4406

Jeffrey Salloway
20 Langelley Drive 
Lee, NH  03861-6646

Gerri Cannon
113 Indigo Hill Road 
Somersworth, NH  03878-3013

Frances Nutter-Upham
3 Fulton Street 
Nashua, NH  03060

Richard Osborne
195 Lower Beech Hill Road 
Campton, NH  03223-4316

Joe Schapiro
288 Church Street 
Keene, NH  03431-3806

Gary Woods
38 Evangelyn Drive 
Bow, NH  03304-4921

Charles McMahon
11 Floral Street 
Windham, NH  03087-1024

Bill Nelson
98 Lyford Road 
Brookfield, NH  03872-7337

Joseph Guthrie
15 Madison Drive 
Hampstead, NH  03841-2246

John Fothergill
37 Colby St 
Colebrook, NH  03576-3045

William Marsh
742 Pleasant Valley Road 
Wolfeboro, NH  03894-7120

Mark Pearson
23 Faith Drive 
Hampstead, NH  03841-2370

Dennis Fremont
93 Risloves Way 
Fremont, NH  03044-3058

Edward Declercq
42 Bell Drive 
Salem, NH  03079-1304

Walter Stapleton
90 Veterans Park Road 
Claremont, NH  03743-5021