Reopening Effort Update 5/13/20

The NHAAMA board would like to give you a quick update about the status of our reopening efforts. 

We met with Rep. Ed Butler on Sunday. He has been assigned by the task force to work with the NHAAMA to draft a reopening plan. The board worked through the weekend and all day yesterday to draft a thorough and detailed reopening plan that we reviewed with Rep. Butler and Sen. Carson yesterday. Our guidelines are being crafted from the CCAOM guidelines. If individuals would like to begin to prepare or consider reopening they can refer to the CCAOM Guidelines as a starting point.

If all goes according to plan Rep. Butler gave the board a loose re-opening date of June 1st. Please know this is a projection and not a confirmed date.  We will send an update as soon as we know more, or if we are able to determine a more concrete timeline. 

Rep. Butler spoke a bit about why some professions (such as barbers) were looked at before acupuncturists. He assured us that it was not in order of importance or validity, and there was little order at all. The situation is an unprecedented crisis and our state government is trying to get as much done safely as fast as possible.

Rep. Butler also mentioned that letters, phone calls and emails have been noticed, and that support from the general public is indeed very important to our efforts. The board would like to thank you all for your hard work in the past few weeks.

Adam Learner <>, President

Pamela Bys <>, Vice President 

Molly Gendreau <>, Treasurer

Lindsey Sisson <>, Secretary 

Amy O’Dell Wilson <>, Member at Large