What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Although it was Acupuncture that first gained widespread recognition in the West, Chinese Herbal Medicine has always been an important aspect of Oriental Medicine, and is practiced by many Acupuncturists in NH.

Chinese Herbal Medicine can greatly enhance the effects of Acupuncture, especially in the treatment of chronic disease where daily therapy is crucial to achieving significant and lasting relief.

If your Acupuncturist feels that Chinese herbs would be useful to you, he or she will prescribe an herbal formula designed to meet your individual health needs. He or she will monitor the effects of your prescription, making adjustments as needed to minimize side effects and maximize your healing.

Chinese herbal formulas typically consist of two or more single herbs carefully chosen to enhance and balance one another while targeting both the symptoms and the underlying cause(s) of your condition. Formulas may be administered as raw ingredients to boil into a tea, powders to mix with water, ready-made tinctures, capsules or pills. Your Acupuncturist will work with you to choose a form of herbs that best suits your lifestyle.

Although the side effects of Chinese Herbal Medicine are minimal compared to Western pharmaceuticals, it is still potent medicine and should only be prescribed by a skilled, licensed practitioner.